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Hawkeyes's picture
Feedback Problem for Piccadilly Flats

Someone continues to dis-engage the security lock on the backside door in building 1404. This is compromising the security of all residents who rely on having some protection from easy outside access to their apartment from those who don"t live and pay rent at Piccadilly Flats. Please try to find a solution to resolve this issue. I have had 2 packages disappear for the first time in 5 years and I am beginning to sense that these two issues are connected. Thank You

aja.henry's picture
aja.henry McKinley Employee

Hello Natalie,

I will enter a service request to have the lock inspected and repaired. Additionally, I will notify the property manager regarding this matter to see what additional steps can be taken to remedy this situation. In the mean time I recommend you contact the local police department to report your packages that were taken.

Thank you for making us aware of this problem.


Aja Henry

Assistant Community Manager

McKinley Hyde Park South Tampa