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Palma Ceia
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Downtown Tampa is a desirable place to live and work in Florida. The city is home to several Fortune 1000 companies and provides opportunities for both entry level and seasoned professionals. The education, healthcare and public service industries feature some of the best places to work in Tampa. With the area’s expansive network of hospitals and schools, education and healthcare professionals searching for jobs in Tampa are in luck. Here is a look at some of the largest employers in Tampa.
Hillsborough County Schools DistrictThe Hillsborough County Schools District is third largest school district in the state of Florida and serves nearly 200,000 students. The district relies on thousands of teachers, administrators and non-classified staff members to operate 254 schools. Hillsborough County Schools District has a total of 21,426 employees in the Tampa area.
University of South FloridaOver 13,584 local employees work for the University of South Florida. Job seekers don’t need a background in education to find a job with the university. The campus hires thousands of staff members who contribute to daily operations around campus. The relaxed campus environment makes the University of South Florida one of the best places to work in Tampa.
Hillsborough County GovernmentThe county government staffs 10,886 public employees, making it one the largest employers in Tampa. County employees provide a wide range of services to the public. Hillsborough County provides opportunities in a variety of careers, ranging from accounting to maintenance.
St. Joseph’s HospitalThe medical industry is a leading provider of jobs in Tampa. St. Joseph’s Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the area and employs over 6,000 medical professionals and supporting staff. St. Joseph’s Hospital operates 5 medical centers that offer positions for specialists.
The Tampa economy supports career opportunities for both skilled and non-skilled workers. The thriving education and medical industries rely on professionals and support staff to meet the demands of their clients. Job seekers will find employers in downtown Tampa that will support their career at any level.