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Feedback Problem for Miramar Flats

I have called and left two messages and also put a post on here yesterday. I am trying to move out and no one is in contact with me for the process. Can someone please call me? Like ASAP? Thank you

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aja.henry McKinley Employee


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Today March 30 th at 8:20 pm the electricity shutdown in building 3620. We need help. Thanks

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Por favor necesito que algún representante de la Comunidad Portofino me contacte lo antes posible. Gracias

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I have a quite complicated situation regarding my emotional support pets, it is a situation that seems to me that the corporate side of Mckinley should be aware.
The manager of studio parc asked me for my ESA letter, my reasonable accomodations letter, the relevant emails and documents have been sent to the matter and even so my pets are not approved. I have tried by all possible means to solve this situation, both my doctor and my person have sent to the email of jeffrey huff manager of studio parc on several occasions and still receive a notification where I have 7 days to pay a fee of $ 500 if not I send the documents.
I would like to know what is happening because I have sent them several times and I don't know what else to do. I have discussed this situation and I find it absurd to have asked my doctor to send the same documents on more than 3 occasions. So I ask the corporate side to do a thorough examination of my situation to put an end to this and to know what is really happening. My doctor has advised me on several occasions to file a discrimination complaint with the department of housing and urban development, of this situation not being resolved soon I will see the impetuous need to take legal action. I find no other reason than to think that this is an act against myself and my integrity, identifying myself as a gay man in a gay marriage, I feel completely discriminated against. And I demand a solution to this problem that has already spread too far.
I live in studio parc, unit 11108, my phone number is 4072851764's picture

Se me daño el triturado de comida del lavaplatos, el AC no enfría bien tengo a que avise porque hay chiripas en el apto a donde me dirijo y por favor tomen. Alguna accion's picture

Se daño el triturador de comida del lavaplatos , el AC no enfría avisen por favor porque hay chiripa en el apto a donde me dirijo por favor tomen acción en mi problema's picture

Apto I-303

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I calle drue office many Times to come and fixe the ac nothing happened!!!!! My energy bill is going crazy : $$140 last month and this month $240!!!!!!!!! Can somebody do something plz?????