Utilities get more expensive every month

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Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Hello! I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m living here since July and every month after that, I’ve been paying over $100 on utilities only. I live alone and it’s suppose to be $1099 and with utilities, it’s over $1,213. It’s way to much. Also, I’ve try to contact management for my noisy upstairs neighbors, and nothing has happened. They still bother every day and specially every night. They don’t let me sleep. Thanks

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Well if it makes you feel any better, my rent is $200 more than yours for the same apartment....Which they raised when I renewed my lease due to some increase in rent in the Tampa area.

Jeka91's picture

It’s not about the rent, it’s about the utilities that they seem to be higher and higher every month and no one from management has said anything.

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My utilities are also higher each month, this last month was like $115, and I have asked why and it is apparently divided up based on the amount of people in each apartment, but I don't think people are honest when they sign their lease. Then the amount is divided by less so some people with more people living in there apartment are getting to pay less than they should.