Question about Laundry Room and Smoke Incident from 12/4/2019

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Feedback Problem for Harper Flats

Good evening, Last night, one of the dryers at our apartment complex began to smoke, resulting in a strong burning smell and the fire alarms sounding. According to one of the firemen who arrived at the scene, there was a risk of smoke reaching into the attic and spreading throughout the rest of the complex. This morning I noticed that the laundry room is closed due to safety reasons. I completely understand this given yesterday's incident. However, can you provide an estimated time frame of when the laundry room will be available again? This is the 2nd time in about 6 weeks that the washing machines and dryers have been out of commission (please see my message from Oct. 28 for reference). Thank you.

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candase.parker McKinley Employee


Thank you for contacting us! The dryers have had all vents cleaned and swept and the washers have had all heating elements cleaned. I have been in contact directly with the Hillsborough Fire Marshall and the company that services the laundry facility to make sure that all of the appliances are functioning properly and safely. As of right now, the laundry facilities are open and working properly. We are so sorry for the inconvenience that was caused by this incident. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we correct these issues. If you have any other issues or questions, please call us at 813-304-2776. 

Candase Parker

Community Manager