Tired of the Managment NOT enforcing their law

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Feedback Problem for Estancia Flats

I have reported on several occasions of my neighbor smoking inside our tiny apartment building, cigarettes and weed. It makes me sick and I don't want to smell it! If you claim that your properties are "smoke free" environments then why don't you enforce it!? This is the worst management I've ever experienced. You'll tow our cars for not having permit stickers when there are four cars and only two spaces, but you could care less about our personal health and welfare.

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camila.rodriguez McKinley Employee

Hi Laura! 

I'm so glad we were able to speak on the phone and work to rectify the issue. 

If there's ever anything you need please feel free to contact me via phone at 813.514.6800 or via e-mail at camila.rodriguez@mckinley.com

Have a great day! :) 

- Cami