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Feedback Problem for Carlyle Flats

The following is a factual accounting of a recent encounter with Mckinley. If they remove this post they’re clearly not proud of the lack of professionalism and care they displayed. On Sunday, January 5th I went out to the lot to retrieve something from my car at Carlyle Flats and discovered it was gone. My initial thought was that it was stolen since I had paid my rent and had the necessary decals but I gave Larsen’s a call just to rule out towing. Larsen’s proceeded to let me know that my car was towed due to expired tags. I honestly was not aware and renewed for two years that same night. Larsen’s told me that this was due to McKinley’s aggressive policy and was subsequently told by Mckinley that it was due to Larsen’s aggressive tactics. Either way I drove out with my girlfriend to the tow yard that Sunday night to wait for an hour for my car to be released. The yard was in a rough area of the city and the only place to park was at Han River Message and a quick google search will reveal the nature of this parlor. So needless to say we didn’t feel safe waiting but had no choice. I was back in my car 1.5 hours later and followed up with Mckinley the next day. The initial conversation was a lot of finger pointing and blaming the other side, but regardless, Mckinley apologized profusely and said they would “look into it to see what they could do”. Over the course of that week I called about four times since no one would call me back and was told each time that they would figure something out. I also provided proof of the renewal at their request. After no action and no call back I followed up again Monday, January 14. On Monday I was put on hold and the call was apparently escalated to the community manager. I told her that I do understand that it is Mckinley policy but the nature of the policy is not to tow clearly in use and decaled cars but rather abandoned vehicles (a premise that all Mckinley representatives I spoke to previously agreed with). I also told her how this was handled would be a determining factor in renewing my lease. Unwilling to empathize or see any logic in my story she used the incident as an opportunity to secure a renewal. She told me that they would give me a rent concession of $250 (the cost of the tow) if I was willing to sign a renewal ($20,000+) with 7 months left on my lease. My obvious answer was no given the remaining term, the current situation and the fact it just took me 10 days to get my AC fixed. I told her that a lot more can go wrong in seven months but if Mckinley was able to make the minuscule concession that would obviously be a positive when it comes to any future decisions. Her response to that was “ok”. Ok what? She said Ok Mckinley would not be providing any concessions. The call ended with the community manager being oddly proud of herself and the final decision to forego providing me any compensation. It was our full intention to remain in the apartment for at minimum two years since we had been moving yearly for the last five. I do understand policy but I also understand decent customer service. Of all the ways this situation could’ve been resolved I can’t imagine senior management for Mckinley being happy with this outcome. From a policy perspective - use it for what it was intended, abandoned vehicles. If you’re unable to build nuance into the policy empower the tow company to use some level of reason and if they see some expired tags on a car with decals print out a reminder to give to your tenant. No, it’s not your responsibility but rather a nice courtesy to tenants who may have just forgotten (2 or 3 of us I believe forgot that weekend). If you had no intention of paying don’t drag it on for a week plus. To the community manager, just because you’re smiling it doesn’t mean you’re being professional. In your desire to win you forgot what was important. Then you had the nerve to call me snarky and sarcastic because I questioned how you don’t even have a spare key for my apartment. So for sarcasm- congratulations on the $250 victory. In the long-run I’m sure the company will benefit so much more from not having to pay that out and losing two tenants for life.

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Randy.Maggart McKinley Employee

Hello Scott, I'm sorry to hear that your car was towed and do understand your frustration with what had to be an extremely inconvenient and emotional experience.                                                                                         I've left a personal message for you and look forward to your return call to discuss your posting.  However, I would like to address a couple of items in order to clarify for anyone who might be confused by what has been conveyed above.   Leases and addendums, which are signed by all leaseholders, outline parking policy and also comply with local and state laws.  Once a tag (license) has expired there is no grace period.  As mentioned, this is not only our policy and outlined in our resident's leases but perhaps most importantly it is Florida law.  We wish never to see our resident's vehicles towed and make efforts to keep residents informed to keep this from happening.  Should any resident have questions concerning this, please call our office and/or refer to your Lease and Parking Addendum for further clarification.  A MyMckinley posting with additional reminders will be forthcoming from our office.  Sincerely, Randy Maggart, Manager