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Joshsbrown18's picture

Mold Issues

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

Mold has been a constant issue, leaking from the A/C unit since I have moved in. Although I have placed several work orders in, the unit is still spitting out black debris, mold and plastic. The A/C is unable to be turned on and not only is my couch utterly ruined, I have been trying to get this A/C rectified for months and my time and money has been wasted. Several months ago, a mold test was requested and Ms. Randy obliged. Ms. Randy stated that the results came back as clean, however, I never received the results and am unable to contact the property manager to get a hold of them. I would...

Joshsbrown18's picture

Shut off water

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

Tonight the water for 214 W Hyde Park Place was turned off for hours without notification. After multiple calls and patience it was discovered that there was an emergency and although contacted by multiple residents, an email was failed to be sent out to notify this extreme situation with the water turned off regardless. I believe it is also important to note that McKinley has intentions of shutting off the water once more tomorrow at an undisclosed time and am creating this post to make all residents aware so that certain hotel and work accommodations may be made if necessary. I hope all...

aja.henry's picture
aja.henry McKinley Employee

Hello Josh,

I'm sorry that you and other residents had to experience this situation. On rare occasions due to circumstances beyond our control an emergency water shut off may have to occur. When such a thing happens late night after business hours such as this time no one is available to send out an email notification to notify residents. I am glad that everything was taken care of and the water was turned back on as quickly as possible.



aja.henry's picture

August Statements and Prorated Rent

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Residents,

Many of you have received your August billing statements. For the residents that have lease expirations in August and will be moving out, these statements will not reflect the pro-rated rent amount that will be due on August 1st.

Additionally, our system is not able to prorate rent until after the move-out has been processed. If you have auto-pay setup for the month of August, it is highly recommended that you cancel your auto payment as it will not prorate your rent and the full rent balance due reflected on the account will be drafted. If a full month rent...

lackey78's picture

I would like a call about this. I am confused about the bill on file.

Joshsbrown18's picture

Ac leaking again

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

AC unit is leaking water again. its a slow drip.

aja.henry's picture
aja.henry McKinley Employee

Hello Joshua,

I just left you a voicemail. I will enter a service request for you and have  a tech over as soon as possible regarding this matter. Please be sure that in the future you submitt your service request in the serivce request link so that we are able to address your issue in a timely manner.

Thank you!



tiana.winter's picture

New Community Manager

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself as I have just jumped on board as your new community manager! My name is Tiana Winter; I just moved here last week from Boston and am loving the weather. I've been a property manager in New England for several years with a very similar portfolio so I am excited for a smooth transition.

I look forward to getting to meet you, feel free to drop by the office any time to say hi!

Tiana Winter

tlizbailey's picture


Can you please provide your contact information (# and e-mail)? I would like to reach out regarding my move out date and pro-rated monthly rent.

Thank you,

Tracey Bailey

aja.henry's picture

Calls Forwarded

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Residents,

At this time the phones for the leasing office are under going repairs. In order to continue to assist you all calls coming into the office are being forwarded to our South Tampa office. If you are not able to speak with a representative when placing a call please leave a detailed message and we will return your call within 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Best Regards,

Aja Henry

Assistant Community Manager

McKinley Hyde Park South Tampa

jamiekanter's picture

Hello, I have called and emailed regarding a notice for lease renewal several times over the last week+. Will someone please call me? Thank you!

aesinhart's picture

Broken dryer

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

Hi McKinley, I put in a work order for the communal dryer at 211 W Beach Pl (Big yellow house). The work order says “complete” but it is not. The dryer does not dry clothes. It has been broken since Friday. Please fix it for us, because 6 people use this 1 dryer. Therefore none of us have been able to do laundry. Thank you, Andrea Esinhart

whitney.glidewell's picture
whitney.glidewell McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Andrea,

Thank you for reaching out in regards to the dryer.  Our maintenance technician serviced it on Monday and found it working upon arrival and heating up while in operation.  I have opened a new work order and have him headed that way now to check it out again. Please keep us informed if it continues to give you trouble. 

I hope you are having a great day!

Best regards,

Whitney Glidewell

whitney.glidewell's picture

Rent Reminder!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning McKinley Hyde Park Residents,

We hope you all are doing well. I would like to take a moment to remind everyone of our rent payment policy stated in your lease agreement. Rent is due on the 1st of every month. You have until midnight on the second to submit your payment. Any payments received after midnight are considered late. A $100 late charge will be charged to your account on the 3 rd day of the month, and a $50 on the 10 th day of the month. Personal checks will not be accepted after the 2 nd . Please pay by cashiers check or money order. You must communicate with...

bisaacs11's picture

Please contact me about this. I had a credit on my account which covered Feb rent and partial of March and was still assessed a late charge for 100.

jessicaelake's picture

This is an EXTREME and stressful rule. I can understand a fee if you are extremely late, but there should be some kind of grace period of a couple days. I paid by the 3rd this month because of the way I'm paid, only on Fridays, and this fee is high in correlation with what we already pay for rent every month. I'm a single mom, life is stressful enough, without having a hundred dollar fine on top of everything else we already are responsible for.

Jon.Parente's picture

Gasparilla Local Street Parking!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Mckinley Hyde Park Residents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform everyone that the city of Tampa has published a map of the BayShore area showing all acceptable street parking during the Gasparilla festivities. I have included the link below and ask that you please make sure all your guests view the map to prevent any parking issues over the weekend. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the office at 813-514-6800.

Tampa Parking:


whitney.glidewell's picture

Resident Parking Permits

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Valued Resident(s),

We wanted to remind you that during the upcoming Gasparilla weekend, our tow company will be towing any vehicles that do not have a parking permit displayed. If you have not already done so, please stop by the Palma Ceia leasing office to obtain one by Friday, January 25 th .

As a reminder, only one permit is allowed per resident, so if we have record of a previous pass, we will not be able to issue an additional one.

We welcome any questions you may have and hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Best regards,...

Zach0308's picture

So if I understand correctly, in Palma Ceia, none of the 10 guest spots can be used this weekend? And also, a reminder? Where was the first announcement about this rule?

apollo13's picture

I was just getting ready to ask the same question. The last parking reminder that I received was on 10/31/18 and clearly stated that towing would only be enforced after the hours of 7AM - 7PM Monday - Sunday.

asnole's picture

So towing only applies during Gasparilla weekend? Unclear what the standard rules are.

whitney.glidewell's picture
whitney.glidewell McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the questions!  I apologize for the miscommunication.  Visitor parking will remain visitor parking and a parking permit is not required.  Standard towing policies still apply outside the hours of 7AM-7PM.  With it being Gasparilla weekend, we wanted to remind everyone of the importance of making sure your parking permit is displayed as parking in the area will be very limited.  

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Mckinley Hyde Park Management

Zach0308's picture

Ok awesome, thank you for the clarification!

Zach0308's picture

Hey just wanted to point out that you guys just put notices on everyone's door about the parking in Palma Ceia this weekend, using the exact same wording as above. Saying all vehicles without permits would towed. Definitely makes it sound like that includes guest parking as well. Just want to be really clear on it. Thanks!'s picture

I just got home from work and there was no parking available in Eusonian. There are a few cars with no decals. After a long night of work, I would like to be able to park where I live.

Thank you.