Public Service Announcement: How to live in an apartment complex.

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Feedback Problem for Arbor Flats

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... Do you like to keep strange hours? Do you like to exercise in the middle of the night? Maybe you find that doing burpees at midnight is more effective for you than during the day? Do you like to rearrange furniture in the middle of the night? Do you like to hold loud conversations, with profane language, with your window open? Is your parenting style more "hands off?" Do your children like launch themselves into walls and scream? (We don't want to break their spirits, do we?) Or maybe you like it when your dog barks incessantly all day and into the night? Maybe you have a cat? And you don't want to restrict your cat by keeping them inside so, you let them roam around - especially at night? Maybe their whining and crying is too much for you to handle, so you leave them outside? Do you drive a car with a really loud muffler and you like to rev the engine early in the morning as you rush your child off to school? If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, you probably shouldn't live in an apartment complex. Living in an apartment complex means that you have to be considerate of your surroundings and your neighbors. You have to respect that MOST people work day jobs and out of the home. Therefore, allowing them to sleep and rest is not only considerate, but expected. Lack of sleep is unhealthy and dangerous. You don't want someone else to keep you up? You should be aware of yourself enough to not cause someone else's disruption. You should expect that your neighbors can hear you - especially, if you live in an upstairs apartment. Upstairs noise is certainly expected when you are a downstairs neighbor, but heavy-footed walking (almost stomping), dropping heavy objects after 10:00pm - is unacceptable. You should probably expect that if your neighbor is knocking on the wall or ceiling in between your apartments - that means you are disturbing them. And stop doing what you are doing - if you can. Reasonable, right? PLEASE. For the love of God and all that is holy - can we be more considerate of each other as we live in the same community?? Afflicted neighbors....please, feel free to add. I'm functioning on very little sleep so, maybe I missed something?

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taryn.bigelow McKinley Employee

Hey, Jeanette -- 

Thank you for bringing up these valid concerns. If there are any specific situations you would like for us to address here in the office, please do not hesitate to email me directly or give me a call! We are always here to help.


Taryn K. BIgelow / 813-515-5925

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Just sent you an email. Thank you! :-)