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So apparently someone thought that it was a good idea to groom their large tan colored dog in the courtyard (that we all share) grass area. Once they were done, they also thought that it was a good idea to just leave it there and not bother cleaning it up. Now what people do inside of their apartments is their own business but in spaces that we all have to share that is just beyond inconsiderate. I take pride in where I live and like to keep it looking nice, but I guess that person doesn’t. Management really needs to address this because this is not the first time I’ve found large clumps of the same dog’s hair and even saw the lady grooming it outside one day without bothering to pick up the dog hair.

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dani.achim McKinley Employee

We will reach out to you today to further discuss this issue. You can also reach out to the office at your earliest convenience at 727.498.5170.

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