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London101's picture

Sofa by dumpster

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

Someone decided to purchase a new sofa, had it delivered and leave the unsightly old one in front of the dumpster for the rest of us to look at and be in the way all weekend! Very inconsiderate resident that should have more pride in where they live!

danielle.achim's picture

St. Pete Beach Boat Parade: Holiday Resident Event

Event for Multiple Communities

St. Pete Beach Boat Parade

December 7th, 2018 6:00 PM

Don your favorite holiday outfit and head to the upper deck near the dock at Bayside Villas to watch lighted boats parade through our waterways - it's how we celebrate the holidays in paradise! The Mckinley Beach Office Team will be providing sandwiches, soda, and wine starting at 6:00 PM on the upper deck to help you celebrate the holiday season!

If you have any questions, please reach out to the office at 727.498.5170.

Check out the sea route for the parade boats below!


Jenny Bruce's picture

screen door

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

i requested that it would slide easier. It does, but i now have no handle to use and the hole in the screen still there. all that was done was flip the screen. now the handle is on the side i don't use and the hole (which i forgot to mention because i thought it was obvious), still there for bugs to go through. i assumed the door would be replaced. The sliding problem was fixed with new problems. Can it be replaced and installed the correct way, not a shortcut? Thank you!...

ryan.osburn's picture
ryan.osburn McKinley Employee


Thanks for reaching out about this.  We made a temporary repair last week while we ordered a replacement door for you.  We have it on hand now and will be installing it as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.

MJD8ON's picture

Cleanliness of Dock & Kayak Launch

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

Could the maintenance or grounds keeping company possibly schedule to clean this area, maybe even on a monthly basis. It has really gotten gross! Thanks

ryan.osburn's picture
ryan.osburn McKinley Employee

Thanks for reaching out about this Michael.  We will have maintenance take a look at this area today.  If there is anything else you need, please reach out to the office at 727-498-5170 or

ryan.osburn's picture

Thanksgiving Holiday

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good afternoon,

As Thanksgiving approaches I wanted to update you all with information about our office hours over the next few days so that you may plan accordingly.

On Wednesday, November 21st, our main office located at Bayside Villas will close at 3pm. Our office will remain closed on Thursday and Friday. We will reopen at 10:00 am on Monday, November 26th.

Please reach out to myself or Dani in the office if there is anything you may need prior to the holiday.

As always, we will have a maintenance technician on call for the holidays, so don’t hesitate to...

Diana Rosswog's picture


Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

We wanted to let you know that the propane tank for the fire pit is empty and the one in the grill is almost empty as well. This is important...the third burner knob had flames shooting out of it last night. This should be repaired immediately so no one gets burned. Spoke to maintenance this morning here on site and they suggested I send a formal request through the website

ryan.osburn's picture
ryan.osburn McKinley Employee

Thanks for the feedback, Diana.  We have maintenance taking a look at the grill and propane this afternoon.

jk353535's picture

need new sticker for new car

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

can you drop it off since you will be here tomorrow?

jk353535's picture

need new sticker for new car

danielle.achim's picture
danielle.achim McKinley Employee

Hello John,

I will drop a new parking permit off tonight for you. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great night!

jk353535's picture


ryan.osburn's picture

Happy Halloween!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Hello All!

In observance of Halloween, the office will be closing at 3pm today, 10/31/2018. The emergency maintenance team will still be available for any emergencies that may arise.

We want to wish you all a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Ryan Osburn & The McKinley Beach Team

Learnlesson's picture

Parking again

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

Once again 3 suv’s And a Jeep in the compact parking spots. Ryan was supposed to ticket the vehicles after work yesterday. Looks like no one is afraid of or respects Ryan. Then there’s also the people with 3 vehicles-don’t know if THAT has been addressed either.

ryan.osburn's picture
ryan.osburn McKinley Employee



We are continuing to work on this issue by noticing vehicles that are parked improperly.  Several were tagged on Monday.  We are continuing to monitor the parking situation at Sailpointe daily.

amblondie68's picture

Ryan-I believe we all respect you and your position. Just my thoughts but 3/4 of the vehicles owned by tenants are non-compact...realistically my Camry isn't even a compact car so I think there should be a little understanding as far as people parking. Last I checked, nobody is unable to park do to no available spots in a VERY long time. Those with trucks, large SUV's and Van's can't even park in the middle parking section spots because it often causes those parked along the bank's tree/bush line to struggle backing out of their spot, so I think there should be a little flexibility from all. I just don't see why this is being made into such a big issue.

ryan.osburn's picture

Attention Pet Owners!

Announcement for Sailpointe

Dear Pet Owners,

We have recently noticed an increase in the number of resident that are not picking up after their pet. Please consider this a reminder that all pet owners are required to adhere to the rules set out in the pet agreement that they signed. Please be considerate of your neighbors and always pick up after your dog so that the property can be enjoyed by all residents. Thanks for your help!


Ryan Osburn

Community Manager

Jackie Grande's picture
Jackie Grande

It is not just the poop outside those apartments, there is an apt I only know from the back That frequently pick up the poop and leave in on the porch, I am thinking they do not receive these emails, because I keep having to pick it up so I don't step in it or so my pet doesn't try to eat it!