Bayside Villas East

Bayside Villas East Apartments
1846 Shore Drive South
South Pasadena, Florida, 33707

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    Tue 1:00pm - 6:00pm
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clogged gutter drains

Feedback Problem for Bayside Villas East

just a heads up heading into the storm it looks like some of our down spouts are clogged. also can we start using the sand bags in the bike area?

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bert.leroux McKinley Employee


Thanks for caring about Bayside Villas East. Our landscaping company was able to unclog the gutters and we utilized the sand bags to the best of our ability.


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Hurricane Irma

Announcement for Bayside Villas East

Good morning residents of Bayside Villas East,

As we try to prepare for Hurricane Irma, we will be taking precautions around the community and ask for your help.

All kayaks being stored outside need to be removed and stored inside your apartment. We need this to happen to later than 2pm on Thursday afternoon. Any kayaks remaining will be removed by a member of Seaside Villas staff. I am asking that all bicycles that are not chained also be stored inside your apartment.

Over the course of the next few days, we will be removing all pool and community furniture,...

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Hurricane Irma

Announcement for Bayside Villas East

Good afternoon residents of Bayside Villas East,

As you may be aware, Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 storm and Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency here in Florida. Though we cannot predict the exact path of the storm now, below we have shared some precautionary tips and emergency items that may help you prepare your home and/or make necessary arrangements.

We will continue to issue updates this week, including changes or additional information we receive from the local, state or federal authorities. Also for your reference; local TV...

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bayside villas east

Feedback Problem for Bayside Villas East

why are you guys telling people that rent at other McKinley properties that they can use our pool? We have very limited parking and the reason we rent at this property is because it is small and private. in the past we were told to refer these people to the larger properties with multiple pools and ample parking but although we are being polite we are getting push back that they are being told they can use any McKinley property they want to use.

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bert.leroux McKinley Employee

Good morning Peter,

The only time I have ever told residents they may use that pool is when the pool at Bayside Villas was closed for repair. We would afford residents of Bayside Villas East the same courtesy if the pool at East was closed for repair. Please contact me if you know the name of the residents who were giving you push back about the use of the pool. I will be happy to address the situation personally.

Bert le Roux

Community Manager

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Mr. Compton

Feedback Question for Bayside Villas East

Good afternoon, I just set up the auto-pay feature today and all information has been confirmed correct. Will this payment process today for September's rent? Thanks. Ben Compton 1846 Shore Dr. S Apt 114 South Pasadena, FL 33707 (727)600-2896...

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DianaR McKinley Employee

Thank you for speaking to Jon today, if you have any other questions please call him at 727-498-5170

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Online Payment Update!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Hello Bayside Villas and Bayside Villas East!

The online payment feature is available for you to use now. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me directly. I appreciate your patience during this time.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Missy Gosselin

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Labor Day Weekend Office Hours

Announcement for Bayside Villas East

Dear Bayside Villas East Residents,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone about the change in office hours over the course of this Labor Day weekend. The office will be officially closing Saturday 9/2/17 at 5:00pm and will reopen Tuesday 9/5/17 at 10:00am. As a courtesy we have also hired Signal 88 Security Services to patrol the grounds to ensure everyone has a safe enjoyable holiday. If you have an emergency maintenance concern please contact us through our emergency service line at 727-498-5170. If you have any further questions or concerns please call us here...

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Online Payments

Announcement for Bayside Villas East

Good morning Bayside Villas East residents,

I have just been notified that there is a temporary issue with the payment processing resulting in an error message when submitting a payment. This can also cause the payment to process multiple times. Due to this issue the online payments have been suspended, once this issue is resolved the payment feature will be turned back on.

Duplicate payments have been cancelled in our system as well. You should see this on your resident account as well.

I will let you know once the payment feature is turned back on.

If you...

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Swimming Pool

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear residenets of Bayside Villas,

Unfortunately our swimming pool pump broke today. We have ordered the necessary parts and the pump should be repaired by noon tomorrow.

In the meantime, you are welcome to use the swimming pool over at Bayside Villas East. I have copied the residents of Bayside Villas East on this announcement. If you do go to Bayside Villas East, please be kind enough to introduce yourself to those residents so that they know you are not a stranger.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully it will be repaired swiftly.


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Pest Control

Announcement for Bayside Villas East

Good afternoon residents of Bayside Villas East,

We recently switched our Pest Control Company. With that in mind, we will be doing our first of quarterly inspections tomorrow. We will need to enter all apartments for about 5 minutes to do a quick inspection.

This quick visit will not be intrusive, but will give us an indication of the preventative maintenance that will be necessary.

I appreciate your understanding while we complete this necessary inspection.

Please reach out to the leasing office at 727-498-5170 if you have any questions.