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Announcement for Westwood Suites

September 12, 2012
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Dear <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Westwood Residents,  
Beginning with rent and NWP bills due on November 1, 2012, there will be some changes to your payment options.  There will also be a convenience fee for certain types of payment transactions. These changes may or may not impact you, but we want to communicate well in advance to allow you time to prepare and ask any questions you may have.
Here are your options for paying rent and NWP bills beginning with the payments due on November 1, 2012:
1.   Pay at the Community Office:
We will accept checks or money orders in person, in the drop box, or by mail at the community office.  No convenience fees!  Free transactions! 
We will no longer be able to accept credit/debit card payments for rent in person or by phone at the community office. (Please see below for credit card payment options)
2.   Pay Online at
We will accept ACH (payments made from your checking account) online at  There is no convenience fee for ACH payments!  Free transactions!
We will also accept credit/debit card payments online at, which will be subject to a $8.95 convenience fee per transaction.
3.   Pay Using ACH (Checking Account) Automatic Withdrawal:
Register to have your rent and NWP bill automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month.  No convenience fee!  Free transactions!
Call your community office for further instructions or visit your “Pay Rent” tab at to see detailed instructions for registration. Your community office can provide you with your ePay resident ID number to make registration much faster!   Having your ePay resident ID number will ensure that you do not need to provide personal banking information to verify your account. 
Having your ePay resident ID number will ensure that you do not need to provide personal banking information to verify your account. 
1. Pay with Credit/Debit Card by Phone with ePay at 866-869-4014:
Credit/Debit card payments can be made at this phone number only.  These transactions are subject to a $8.95 convenience fee per transaction. 
You can check your balance and pay with your credit card by calling 866-869-4014.  (You’ll need your ePay resident ID number so be sure to obtain that from your community office)
Credit card payments will no longer be accepted by phone at the community office.
Many of our residents have had questions about the convenience fees now being charged for certain transactions.  We have included some information attached to this letter that may answer these questions.
To assist our residents with this transition, we are offering a one time $50 rent credit to all residents who complete a new registration to have their rent automatically withdrawn from their checking account by December 15, 2012.   To receive this rent credit, you must use the ACH automatic withdrawal for the remainder of your lease term, which cannot be less than six months. 
If you have any further questions about your rent payment options or about the convenience fees being charged on certain transactions, please feel free to contact me.
I can be reached by phone at (407) 238-9500 or by email at 
Thank you,
Meralis Lopez
Customer Service Manager
Westwood Suites
(407) 238-9500