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Announcement for Westwood Suites

Meet the stars of TV’s hottest reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Ghost Hunters and more as a part of this year’s Summer Sidewalk Sale in beautiful Celebration Town Center and participate in the ever “Sales” Survivor Treasure Hunt Challenge, August 2nd through 4th, 2013.  It is the largest collection of reality stars assembled, so don’t miss it.
On Friday, the Sidewalk Sale kicks off with a “Sales Survivor: Treasure Hunt”. Visit the restaurants to get your “treasure map” and use the clues to navigate through Celebration Town Center to uncover the answers. One “Sole Survivor” will walk away with $500 worth in cash and prizes.
On Saturday, a special autograph signing will take place at the Celebration Bohemian Hotel from 3-6 PM and a special “Survivor Party” at the Celebration Town Tavern will be held that evening with all proceeds from the party and autograph signing benefiting Give Kids The World Village. On Sunday, the Sidewalk Sale continues and it will be the last day to return your completed treasure maps to be eligible to win.
The event is brought to you by Lexin Capital , Celebration Bohemian Hotel, Nardo’s Naturals, and the Melia Suites Hotel.
Below is a list of some Reality Stars that will be in town!Aaron Chase- NBC’s Love in the Wild 2
Abba- The Amazing Race 21
Albert Destrade- Survivor South Pacific
Alex Jacobs- The Mole Season 5
Allie Pohevitz- Survivor Caramoan
Ami Cusack- Survivor Vanuatu, Micronesia
Amy Crews-Ouellette- Big Brother 3
Aras Baskauskas- Survivor Panama (WINNER)
Ben Henry “Benry”- Survivor Nicaragua
Billy Garcia-Survivor Cook Islands
Bob Crowley- Survivor Gabon (WINNER)
Chelsea Meissner-Survivor One World
Chris Daugherty- Survivor Vanuatu (WINNER)
Chris Nordhorn “The Phantom”- The Bachelorette Season 6
Corinne Kaplan- Survivor Gabon, Caramoan
Cristina Coria - Survivor Cook Islands
Danni Boatwright - Survivor Guatemala (WINNER)
Deana Housteau- The Amazing Race 7
Denise Stapley - Survivor Philippines (WINNER)
Earl Cole- Survivor Fiji (WINNER)
Elyse Myers-The Bachelor Season 16
Jane Bright- Survivor Nicaragua
Jerry Manthey- Survivor The Australian Outback, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villians
John Raymond- Survivor Thailand
Judson Birza “Fabio”- Survivor Nicaragua (WINNER)
Katrina Edorsson-Survivor One World
Kelly Shinn- Survivor Nicaragua
Ken and Tina Greene- The Amazing Race 13
Kim Spradlin- Survivor One World (WINNER)
Lea Masters "Sarge"- Survivor VanuatuMike Skupin-Survivor The Australian Outback, Philippines
Nick Peterson-The Bachelorette Season 7, The Bachelor Pad 3 (WINNER)
Ozzy - Survivor Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific
Rob Mariano “Boston Rob”- Survivor Redemption Island (WINNER) Survivor Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villians, The Amazing Race 7
Russell Hantz- Survivor Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island
Richard Hatch- Survivor Borneo (WINNER), All-Stars, Celebrity Apprentice 4
Special Agent Phillip Sheppard- Survivor Redemption Island, Caramoan
Tom Westman-Survivor Palau (WINNER), Survivor Heroes vs. Villains
More information can be found on the website below.