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Announcement for Riva

You can now use this website to pay your rent online!You've already got your account set up, so just call the office (351-4422) to get your Name ID.That's it!You'll only have to enter you ID once - and it's easy for rommmates to make seperate payments too.Thanks and see you on!

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This website doesn't let you pay!!! It sucks

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This new thing to pay rent on phone I don't like

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durden2128 McKinley Employee

Thank you for the feedback ! Please let us know if you need any help or have any questions in regards to our online rent payment. We can be reached at 407-351-4422 or email us at


Warm Regards,

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A little advance notification would have been nice on the part of management. So now I must pay a late fee because you folks decided to change the way you do things?? If so I am not a happy camper.

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I don't like it at all..I'll just pay by check

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I don't like it at all