Awesome petty theft...

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Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

Idk who it was or if it was worth it but some Asshole unclipped my windshield wipers and took them.... Sooo be careful and pay attention to your vehicles things You might be next Poor ass petty people....

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jeffrey.huff McKinley Employee

We are sorry to hear of this incident.  If you have not already done so, please report the incident to the Orlando Police department.  

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Good morning, I'm sorry for your incident, but days ago my car was crashed at dawn on Saturday and when I went to work at 2 in the morning I saw him and called 911 and the patrol came and told me that they couldn't do anything because there was no evidence of who did it, to ask in the office if they had videos where something was seen and when I went to the office on Monday the answer was that they did not have them and that if they had them they could not give them to me either. unfortunately my car is still crashed because the person who did it was unable to face and the manager here did nothing.

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It is sad and unfortunate that this happened here and that according to people nobody saw anything because I took the task of going apartment by apartment to question and that was the answer. I checked car by car and found one that was crashed and stained coincidentally with the paint of the same color as that of my car and that car stopped on this side normally and that morning they stopped it on the other side. I told the police and they said they couldn't accuse them without evidence. So what we have left is to entrust ourselves to God to protect us because we are drifting in this parking lot.