Termites in my apartment

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Feedback Problem for Riva

So today I came home from work and found so many termite wings and some termites in my apartment. This issue has been ongoing for 3 years now. I have asked so many times for this issue to be rectified. I had to go out and buy my own termite spray even after the pest control came. I have noticed this issue started back after the renovations were done in my apartment, and after the hurricane Irma. We have some water damage in our apartment that may be the cause of these termites. I pay my rent on time and never had any complaints on me. I live in building 4755. I have pictures of these termites. I am completely fed up with this, something has to be done about this asap.

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jlugo009 McKinley Employee

Hi Lammont -

Thank you for stopping in yesterday. I am terribly sorry you are experiencing this. I have contacted our service provider for Termites and they've added you to their list. I will also have them further investigate the building to see if further treatment options are required. We value your residency and want to ensure this gets addressed immediately. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Warmest regards,

Jenelyn Lugo 

Community Manager



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Thanks for responding to my concern. I am still seeing termites and it is becoming uncomfortable for me. What can be done about this until pest control can come out and spray and investigate the building?