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Feedback Question for Portofino

I am very worried about a dog that I hear crying for hours on end. Management has heard about the dog from a number or neighbors, but I guess they really don't know what to do either. The first time I heard the dog, I wondered whether I should call 9-1-1 because I remember a poor cat we had up for adoption at an animal shelter where I used to volunteer who had been left locked in a house with a lady who had died. I sure didn't want to wait for a corroner to show up for someone who could have been saved if I had made that call for a dog who was in distress because his human was in distress. I found my way to the door behind which I thought the sound was coming from and got no answer but did nothing more because the noise stopped. I was still just about completely blind at the time so I could not know whether the blinds were open or not in order to see whether someone was lying on the floor who looked like he or she needed medical attention. I just went back home. When I got an escort to the office, it turned out that we were not the first to say something about this and that the dog actually lived above where I thought the sound was coming from. I sure wasn't going to go climbing up stairs on a Division of Blind Services cane to strangers who might be angry that I was knocking on their door so I started ignoring the dog's plaintive wails, even though I felt sad for that animal. For a few days the dog got quiet. Now sometimes he sounds so upset again that I just feel like I am culpable for animal cruelty myself for allowing this to continue. Yet I have no legal right to go onto someone else's property for the welfare of a pet. What should I do? I do worry already about dogs I know are locked inside alone in case there is a fire, especially when the animals live upstairs. Yet pets can be such wonderful support that I hate to make responsible pet people loose their little friends by making Portofino decide that there shall be no more pets. What should I do?

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Robert Figueroa McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Mary,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns about the barking dog. I would like to first introduce myself as the new Community Manager for Portofino. I look forward to providing excellent service to you and the Residents here! I have given you a call directly and will follow up with you to resolve this issue quickly.

Thank You,

Robert Figueroa

Community Manager

Portofino Apartments & Town Houses