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Feedback Problem for Palio

I wanted to express my concern towards the Palio apartment administration and maintenance office. I have complained more than once about the lighting issues on the side path of the building 4042. I would kindly ask one more time to handle the situation, specially now that my girlfriend has been bitten by a corn snake in this path. It is nothing serious because the snake was not big or poisonous and she was able to kick it quickly. But it could’ve been something way more serious. I know that I am living near an area filled with bushes and a small swamp, so the snake problem will happen inevitably but the lights are. If you provided proper lighting, she would have been able to see throughout the entire path and would have seen the snake. Thank you.

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naesha.lewis McKinley Employee

Good morning Larissa,


Thank you so much for speaking with me today. I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. As discussed, we are working diligently to address the light outside of the building and our maintenance team is in your home right now taking a look at your A/C. Please let me know if there is anything else you need further. I can be reached at 407-996-7000 and


Thank you,

Naesha Lewis

Senior Sales Associate 

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Thank you for the quick reply and maintenance service, Naesha.