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Spring Into Things With AT&T!

Announcement for Palio

...'s picture

Parking Issue

Feedback Problem for Palio

This morning my car was nearly blocked in by another vehicle that was parking directly at the opening of my rented garage. Even though it common sense not to parking in a way to block a garage door, I suggest that you put sign on each unit stating " No Parking/Tow a Way Zone" or something like that. Second, please provide me with information as to what to do if this happens in a way that I'm not able to get my car out and the front office is not open, such as early mornings and weekends. Thank you...'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good evening Edward,

Thank you for reaching out to us about the parking situation.  I am sorry to hear about your garage being blocked and can assure you we are working diligently to correct these type instances.   Last week we introduced the parking permit program and feel this will assist us with the parking difficulties we are having at Palio.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at 407-996-7000 or email to discuss further.

Best Regards, 

Michael C. Pingston 

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Fumadores y bulla en el piso de arriba

Feedback Problem for Palio

En reiteradas oportunidades he llegado a mi apartmento y el olor a cigarrillo es terrible en el pasillo y los alrededores. Se que estoy en un complex libre de humo pero hay vecinos que asi no lo asumen. Ojo con esto. Por otro lado, los vecinos del apartmento que tengo arriba, en su constante empeño de no permitir dormir con los saltos y pisadas fuertes que interrumpen la tranquilidad del hogar. Ya he denunciado esto antes, y no he visto mejoria. Trabajo muchas horas y requiero descansar y esto a veces se hace cuesta arriba por el ruido de arriba. No se que sera, pero se hace insostenible. Si...'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good afternoon Anniuska,

Thank you for reaching out to us about these concerns. We attempted to reach out by phone a couple of times and I can assure you we are addressing these items to resolve them.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at 407-996-7000 or with any other needs or concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

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Parking Permits

Announcement for Palio

Good morning Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are rolling out our Parking Permit Program!

This week you will receive a notice on your door with a blank parking permit agreement to fill out and return to the office with a copy of your registration and proof of insurance. One of the Palio team will issue you a numbered Parking Permit for you to attach to your vehicle. If you should have more than one vehicle registered to your home, we will have you complete another Parking Permit Agreement for the other vehicle.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you...'s picture

Pressure Washing

Announcement for Palio

Good morning everyone!

On Tuesday and Wednesday April 9th and 10th, we will be spot pressure washing throughout the community on the building exteriors on to help keep our community looking fresh.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have at 407-996-7000 or .

I hope you all have a Great Weekend!

Michael Pingston

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Michelle Montgomery

Feedback Problem for Palio

Had to call the police last night because 4070 apt 1223 was playing music and talking loud on their patio past 1 am. This is becoming a problem, especially when my fiancée has to be up at 5 am for work. There is no respect for tenants.We are at the point that we regret renewing our lease

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This property has become a disappointment. With rent being 1700 a month, security needs to be added, the office needs weekend hours and there needs to be trash cans put around the property because all the trash is ugly's picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good afternoon Michelle,

Thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns.  As we discussed we are addressing these items and appreciate you reaching out to us.  

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any other concerns or needs you may have for your home.

Best Regards,

Michael Pingston

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Parking issues

Feedback Problem for Palio

I have lived here since 2016 and the parking has recently become very inconvenient. I'm pretty sure most of the people using our parking spaces are visitors taking up extra parking space. Can we either gets stickers for the people who actually live in the resident or assign parking spaces for the people in the community? In my opinion this is getting out of hand. I should not have to park on the curb or extremely far from my apartment...'s picture

I agree that this is a problem, but I don't it's mainly visitors that are causing the problem. Visitors come and go pretty quickly and since this is mostly happening overnight it probably not visitors. It's most likely caused by more people living in units with vehicles than are allowed, meaning people not on the lease living in the complex.

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Great news. The office just called me and they already have solution to our problem. Hopefully this will fix the parking issues. As far as other people living in the complex unauthorized, nothing we can complain about to get that situation fixed. I don't think so at least.'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good evening Peter,

Thank you for reaching out to us about the parking at Palio, as it was a pleasure speaking with you today!  

As we discussed we are in the process of rolling out a parking permit program for residents and their visitors.  The parking permits have been ordered and as soon as we receive them, we will be reaching out to all residents to implement his program immediately.

Thank you again for being a caring resident.


Michael Pingston

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several phone call attempts

Feedback Question for Palio

I have been calling since 10 am trying to speak to someone in the office and no one answer the phones. I have a question regarding a work order. can someone please call me back at my number. thanks's picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Hi Hilda,

Thank you for reaching out to us, I apologize we missed your calls but am glad we were able to speak to each other so we can address your work order for you.

As I mentioned, we will have a technician to your home within the next hour to address your work order and we will follow up with you before we leave today.

Best Regards,

Michael Pingston

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Feedback Problem for Palio

Hello, I need to have the vent in my bathroom fixed, I also need to have the blind in my dining room fixed because it will not go down. I need the outlet fixed in my bedroom and the outlet in the kitchen near the stove. Thank you

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elizabeth.espinal McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Dominique, thank you very much for taking time to provide feedback on your apartment. I have placed a workorder regarding your request and a team member will be there shortly to assist. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please let us know!

Have a great day.

Elizabeth Espinal

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** Rent Payment Reminder **

Announcement for Palio

Good afternoon residents,

I hope that you all had a fantastic week!

As a reminder, your rent payment will be due on Friday, March 01, 2019 . The leasing office will be open this Saturday March 2, 2019 from 10am-5pm, so please plan accordingly regarding the method of payment you wish to use.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. We allow an additional courtesy period until midnight on the 2nd of each month to make your payment without any penalties. Any payment received after midnight on the 2nd are considered late and will be subject to...