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Announcement for Palio

Dear Residents in building 2,

Please be advised we have technicians on site to repair an emergency main water valve break. They are working as quickly as possible to repair this issue but will need to turn off the water in your building for an estimated time frame of 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will ensure they work to correct this in the shortest amount of time possible and appreciate everyone's patience and understanding! We will advise everyone once the water is restored. Thank you in advance for your understanding we sincerely apologize for this temporary inconvenience!


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"Share the Love" Resident Event - TODAY!

Announcement for Palio

Hello residents!

Please join us in the leasing office today from 3pm-5pm for our "Share the Love" resident event!

We will be decorating cookies and cards - Make a sweet note or treat for your loved ones! See you all soon!


michellemontgomery's picture

Deficiation on the stairway

Feedback Problem for Palio

Upon going down the 1st flight of stairs fron my apartment there is shit right on the middle of the platform...disgusting

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Candace.Conroy McKinley Employee

Hi Michelle,

I am so sorry to hear about this and look forward to turning this around. We appreciate feedback from our residents and I would love the opportunity to discuss further with you. Please let me know a good time and date in which you are available? You can also give me a call at 407-996-7000 or you can email I hope to hear from you soon and will follow-up with my team in regards to your stairwell! Have a great evening and talk soon!

Best regards, Candace

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Feedback Problem for Palio

The electricity in our apartment has gone off in the hallway, living room, downstairs, outside the front door, and the 3 outlets near the balcony and the electricity box switch is stuck.

naomi.delgado's picture
naomi.delgado McKinley Employee

Hello Julie!

I am so sorry to hear this! I have contacted our emergency maintenance and they have visited your unit to address your electrical problem . If you ever have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know! hope to hear from you soon, have a great day!

Best regards,

Naomi Delgado

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Food Truck Night - Chicken Bites & Gourmet Popcorn Club!

Announcement for Palio

Don't forget to stop by the Leasing Office today from 4PM-7PM to enjoy our monthly Food Truck Night! We hope to see you all soon, have a great day!


Hilda's picture

washer order status

Feedback Question for Palio

hello, i been trying to contact the office all day regarding the status of my order from my washer. please contact me as soon as possible. thank you Hilda

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Candace.Conroy McKinley Employee

Hello Hilda,

I tried calling earlier and reached your voicemail. I understand you later spoke with Elizabeth and she advised of the scheduled manufacturer warranty inspection that will take place this 
Thursday between 1pm-5pm. We look forward to correcting this issue for you! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in letting us know!

Have a great week and talk soon,

Candace Conroy



Janell1207's picture


Feedback Problem for Palio

I'm living in building 4196 and I think it's very unfair that every month I'm paying $25 for trash like everyone else each apartment have their own bin. When time to put my trash out I'm meeting other apartment trash in my bin like this morning I meet a bag full of beer bottles empty cigarettes box. This is not the first time and I'm getting tired of it.Noone in my apartment smoke nor drink so ever doing this needs to STOP...

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Candace.Conroy McKinley Employee

Hello Cherise,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate your bringing this concern to our attention. I will notice the community tomorrow as a reminder to our Valet Trash rules and polices. If this issue does continue please let me know! It is our goal to provide excellent service on a daily basis, and hope that you will reach out to us if there is ever anything we can assist you with. Thank you for calling Palio your home, have a wonderful day!

Kindest Regards,

Candace Conroy


carol_ba's picture

New Car

Feedback Question for Palio

My name is Carolina, I live at apt 836, building 4140. I would like to add a new car. Tag CJG1666 - Dodge Caravan - Cor Silver. Thank you.

naesha.lewis's picture
naesha.lewis McKinley Employee

Good morning Carolina,


Thank you for contacting us about your vehicle update. We would be more than happy to update it in our system if you could please stop by the office with your new registration and insurance card. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Thank you,


Naesha Lewis

Senior Sales Associate

Zareth2609's picture

Apto 224 building 4266

Feedback Problem for Palio

Las personas que alli conviven (314) no paran de hacer bulla, sabemos que es inevitable no subrir esas consecuencias por vivier en planta baja, pero este problema es dia y noche. les pido sugerencias de como poder hablar con esas personas para evitar inconvenientes mas fuertes. Porque a mi parecer, corren, lanzan cosas de peso, y no se puede ni descansar con tanta bulla. saludos cordiales,

elizabeth.espinal's picture
elizabeth.espinal McKinley Employee


Buenos dias Zareth-

Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para expresar sus inquietudes con nosotros. Me gustaría conectar personalmente con usted para abordar las inquietudes mencionadas. Por favor, devuelva mi llamada al 407 / 996-7000 para programar una fecha y hora que funcionen mejor para usted. Aprecio su paciencia y espero hablar con usted pronto!  


Best Wishes,

Elizabeth Espinal

Customer Service Manager

407 /996-7000

Zareth2609's picture

Entrada de vehiculos

Feedback Problem for Palio

El siguiente es por la seguridad de todos y cada una de las personas que aqui convivimos, esta situacion pasa a diario, hay personas que no poseen tarjeta para ingresar por el gate de inquilinos y siempre esperan que alguien llegue para meterse por alli, no se sabe si viven o no en el complex. el punto es el peligro, porque ya se han reportado varios robos en el complex coconut palms ya que es abierto, debe haber algun tipo de restricciones con respecto a eso, ya que de paso esa entrada es sumamente oscura en la noche y no hay vigilancia alguna. le agredecemos tomar precausiones, saludos...'s picture

quiero agregar al comentario de Zareth, que es 100%correcto, durante los holidays los gates estuvieron abiertos, en cuanto a las personas que se agrupan a esperar que se les abra el gate, es un problema no solo de seguridad, sino también de control, hay inquilinos que ya se han mudado y regresan a guardar sus vehículos, carros estacionados por días y que no los mueven, carros parqueados a la entrada del gate.
Solicitors que visitan la comunidad en horas inadecuadas.
luces que no funcionan, por favor tratemos de que estos pequeños problemas se arreglen para mantener una comunidad mejor!