Shocking Unprofessionalism

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Feedback Problem for Iris Flats

*Just reminding the office that while we appreciate the rent reminders, we are still waiting for an answer to the issue below. What will it take? I don’t think any of us are litigious, but we also won’t be taken advantage of. Please do us the courtesy of responding* Many of us are still waiting for an explanation as to the extreme increase in the water bill. I hope you can understand our incredulity at the amount, especially when the most many are accustomed to paying, especially when renting an apartment, is about $30. In comparison, $75 for a 1 bedroom 1 occupant is ridiculous. I know I speak for many residents when I say we are entitled to an explanation regarding how exactly the cost is calculated (not a vague answer regarding an equation or that another company comes up with the number) and why the cost has increased so dramatically. Similarly, any reply requesting a phone call to discuss it on the phone is unacceptable. Everyone deserves the same information, and at this point we deserve it in writing. A community cookout is not the solution here. Honesty and information are.

gabriellemonroe's picture

They’ll just give a gauge, uneducated completely guessed ‘equation’ as to why we’re being robbed. Don’t expect anything good from this place

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Completely agree. Would love to know myself. This is absolutely unheard of for a 510 sq ft apartment with 1 occupant.