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Feedback Problem for Iris Flats

I have asked three times about what is the specific reason for the water bill to be increased. You decide to increase a bill with no explanation why, after already increasing my rent. The longer you don’t explain why, the more I feel you are taking more money from me just because. I have already put a lot of money toward living in Iris flats, yet this continues. I am trying to be calm and send this to you rather than showing up to the office and asking you then in not as professional of a manner as I want it to be. So please quit ignoring my comment and give me a straight forward answer of why you continue to raise prices on my rent AND bills.

lauren.wheeler's picture
lauren.wheeler McKinley Employee

Hi Chris, We have tried reaching out to you a few times but have had trouble reaching you. We did provide a letter explaining the change in rate for trash removal and are happy to answer any additional questions you may. You are welcome to call us at 407-896-5440 or email me directly at I hope you have a happy and safe holiday! - Sincerely, Lauren