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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I go to the gym and I see its not quite a gym. I don't understand how Mckinley is a big company, people are paying their rent and we get a small gym. A gym that doesn't have everything and too small. I came here to live here and one of amenities that I was so happy to see here is a gym. This gym doesn't even have a bench. Whats up with that? You guys are not helping the community as much as you guys should. Their are kids who are in sport academics and weightlifting or lifting weights is required. Their are people who wants to get lean and build muscle or get into muscle building. People dont want to do cardio all the time. There are low income apartments who have way better gyms than what Mckinley or Harbor Beach can't provide. I don't understand how Mckinley continues to expand in their business, but can not invest nor thought of to give Harbor Beach Apartments a better gym. People don't want to go a gym outside of their apartment and spend money there. Thats more money people are spending. So Mckinley what are you going to fix the gym issue to benefit the community and your business?

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Alexandra McKinley Employee


Good morning Ashley, 

Thank you so much for your feedback.  We appreciate your suggestion.   I tried calling you this morning to discuss further but the phone number on file was a wrong number.  We want to make sure we improve our community and amenities.  We are taking your suggestion into consideration, and I will keep you posted regarding any improvement to our fitness center.  I hope you have a wonderful day!!  Alex

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FYI still the same :/