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Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Question for our property manager—who is expected to manage our illegal parking problem? The office staff, the maintenance staff, the residents, or are we expecting the tow company to police the parking lot? It’s Saturday afternoon and just looking at the cars that have backed into their spots, there are 23 cars illegally parked in resident parking.

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Right, there are cars without guest placards parked everywhere and people inviting their friends over to perform automotive work in the parkinglot, which is against the lease agreement.

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I was wondering the same thing. Any time I’ve seen a tow truck they just speed through the community. I have not once seen anyone get out and look at the cars that should be towed away. What’s the point of the towing service if they don’t get out and tow the cars that should not be here. I can never park near my building when I come home from work.

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I was just wondering if we could get my question addressed? It would be helpful to know how things are to be addressed.