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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Attn: Whitney, I was at work when I received your voicemail message, thank you for attempting to reach me. As you can see, there are several tenants at this community with the same or similar concerns. Having said this, I do not wish to address this matter "in private." Again, this is a community issue and the residents deserve to be informed of the plans as well. A great approach would be: enlightening us on the community board or letters on our doors. These methods were executed to prepare us for hurricane Dorian as with the shutting off of the water. Please advise immediately as we would like to know. Thank you again, Shea

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whitney.glidewell McKinley Employee

Good Morning Sheala,

Thank you for following up with my voicemail!  We utilize resources such as My.Mckinley, notices at doors, and other means of communication to notify our residents.  We also welcome any feedback to see how we can improve our services and your overall experience as a resident in our community.

Thank you again for reaching out and please feel free to contact me should you ever need anything!

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

Best regards,

Whitney Glidewell