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Celano Apartments
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Orlando, Florida, 32806

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Irresponsible Pet Owners

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

With the influx of new tenants with pets, I have noticed an increase in left over pet waste. This leaves me baffled given the many pet waste stations added to the property. Several times last week alone, I picked up waste outside of my own door, and I am the only pet owner in my building. Also, there are a some tenants that continually walk their pets around the property off-leash. I don't take issue with the tenants that let them out of their door to do their business, then back in albeit against the lease, but walking them around the property. This action agitates pets that are on a...

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JacquelineYazigi McKinley Employee

Good Evening Mr. Moreland, Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your vigilance over the community and we do share your concerns as well. We plan to address the entire community on the rules and regulations as it pertains to being a responsible pet owner. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We enjoy having you as part of our community! Have a great evening, Jacqueline Yazigi 

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Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

Please, I don't know how, or in what way, to ask that you please explain to my neighbor in the apartment above, that you understand that my husband and I are two people, older and we need to rest, today at 4 am, I wake up a few hits on the roof, please, we do not pay to have dogs, we pay to have a home, in peace .... ALREADY ENOUGH OF NO LONGER NOISE, DOG HAIRS, PRAY DOG AND UP TO A TICKET INSIDE ME HOME 2403 A...

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JacquelineYazigi McKinley Employee

Hello Elvia, Thank you for reaching out. We are a pet friendly community as communicated to you on your first visit. We at the leasing office are happy to step in and address noise concerns that are considered excessive. Please keep in mind that you are sharing a building with three other residents and that we cannot guarantee that you will never hear your neighbor. That would be a unrealistic expectation and I want to ensure that we are both on the same page. I have spoken to your neighbor at length regarding your concerns. They have been completely compliant with every request we have asked of them as well as of their pet. If you should have further concerns please contact me directly at jacqueline.yazigi@mckinley.com to discuss options on termination of the lease agreement. Thank you, Jacqueline Yazigi 

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~Sand Bag Locations~

Announcement for Celano Apartments

Hello Residents,

While our office and maintanence teams prep the Community and our own personal homes, I wanted to share the locations throughout Orange County where you can pick up sandbags should you want them! The locations, hours, and information and website are below! If you have great trips or advice of your own, please feel free to share :)

Orange County


Barnett Park – 4801 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808 Blanchard Park – 2451 N. Dean Road, Orlando, FL 32817 Bithlo Community Park – 18501 Washington Avenue, Orlando, FL 32820 Meadow Woods...

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~Hurricane Dorian Office Closure & Update!~

Announcement for Celano Apartments

Hello Celano Residents,

We hope you are well and taking the necessary precautions for the upcoming storm early next week. In preparation of "Dorian", our offices will be closed starting tomorrow, Saturday, August 31st, and will re-open Wednesday September 4th (pending the results of the storm). During this time you will be able to access the online portal here through this website for updates on the storm, office hours, and clean up efforts. You will also be able to make your rent payment online via ACH or credit/debit card. Should you normally pay rent with a check, this...

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A Big Kudo's

Feedback Praise for Celano Apartments

The Apartments are looking so good and Steve (the manager) has been working very hard at making this place a home for us and our puppies. Thank you to all the office staff!

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maria.dominguez McKinley Employee

Good afternoon Coni!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We here at Celano truly appreciate everyone's feedback. We are happy we were able to prove you with a positive experience and impress you guys with the work that has been done to the community! I will definitely pass those kind words along to Steve! We strive to give everyone the best experience possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at 321-430-2280! Have a great weekend!

Kind regards, 

Maria Dominguez


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~Storm "Dorian" Update/Tips/Info- PLEASE REVIEW!~

Announcement for Celano Apartments

Good Morning Celano Residents,

As you know we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian and we at McKinley wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of being prepared for anything that comes our way. Please take a moment to review the important points below:


The McKinley Team will remove/secure pool umbrellas and furniture. Pools, spas and other amenities may be closed before and throughout the duration of the storm. Residents must remove or secure all patio furniture to prevent damage or injury. Residents should NOT tape windows as...

ElVazquez's picture

Thanks for the info Steven, I'm wondering are the windows just tempered or tempered laminate?

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Rent Payment Reminder

Announcement for Celano Apartments

Good Afternoon Celano Residents,

I wanted to remind all residents that your September Rent Payment will be due on September 1, 2019.

September 1st is a Sunday and our office will be closed. In observance of Labor Day the office will remain closed on Monday, September 2nd and re-open on Tuesday, September 3rd. Please read below to plan accordingly to avoid any late fees.

Reminder that rent payments are due at the beginning of each month. Rent payments are due as discussed in the terms of your lease agreement.

Rent statements are reflecting the utilities of...

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Disappointment upon arrival

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

Office staff are friendly but sometimes can be very pushy and assume and try to pressure you into adding someone else to a lease even if they are visitors. I had my sister in law stay with me, which should not be anyones business on who i decide to bring into my home and sadly she brought her dog with her. 2 days later i get a letter on my door stating i was breaking a lease. Sadly i spoke to many previous resident and they say that the new owners of the apartments are not the nicest and all they want is more money for a 500 square feet - 600 square feet apartment. I will give them a call to...

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Well I know of two pit bulls in here and nothing is being done about that. My building light have been on for three years now, wow what a electric bill.but wait they will just raise our rent.

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Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I see cars with towing warnings isnt this place like our home while we are renting and consider private property? So why is a towing company have right to tow because of expired tags? Isnt that DMV responsibility and have grace period for an individual to pay? That is consider stealing my car if that happens to me . And I see some cars are back in so the only way they look is they walk up to it. Are these people police Officers? Or what or just a towing company that is greedy for money?

Louie51966's picture

Also who gave the right do that and why did this community gave us any warning this will happen in that parking lot.. Sounds like illegal search and seizure of private property which is that individuals car and I do understand if there own bank coz of a repo

Louie51966's picture

I look at the stickers again notice no company name no point of contact for the towing company is this a scam?

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steven.ketcham McKinley Employee

Good Morning Luis, 

I hope you are well! While it does not appear your vehicle was one that was stickered or noticed with a violation, I am happy to address your concerns for your neighbors! As outlined in the lease agreement, and in the parking addendum you signed along with the lease, any and all vehicles parked in the community must abide by the provisions outlined. I am happy to provide another copy for you if needed. The towing company who issued the violation is contracted by us, and their contact information is posted on the signs located at both entrances of the community. I can assure you the violation notices are legal and valid. These are being done in preparation of issuing parking decals for the lease holders of the community in the coming weeks. We are simply noticing residents that are not in compliance rather then towing them, so they have time to update the information needed before the decals are issued and towing begins as as a courtesy to ensure a smooth transition. A notice will be going out in the next few days on the requirements to secure your free decal, along with the rules and regulations, but should you have any specific questions in the meantime, I am happy to help! :) 


Best Regards, 


VictoriaPrice1983's picture

Middle of September and McKinley took over and parking is now worse. Very unsafe. You shouldn’t threaten residents who are on leases- maybe just get security and tow the cars without a sticker THESE ARE ONE BEDROOM which shouldn’t have one than TWO on the lease or two or more cars - come on guys! Quit the excuses !

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Noise Complaint

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

Is there an area where we can submit specific noise complaints about tenants? A couple of weeks ago a new family moved in next door to me and every single day I can hear them yelling and screaming, both from inside their apartment and when they are outside smoking on their porch. They have visitors over constantly and will shout at each other from 8am to midnight, making it incredibly hard to sleep, work, or concentrate on anything when I'm at home...

JacquelineYazigi's picture
JacquelineYazigi McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Ms. Hagan, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. We have tried to reach you by both phone as well as email. We have addressed the issue with your neighbor today. Also, I sent you information today via email on where to report noise issues moving forward. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Enjoy your week! Jacqueline Yazigi