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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

It's been a month since I reported about my air condition not working after letting me know that it was the motor they told me that they ordered it and it was going to take maybe at least a week. Last week I got a called to let maintenance in at my apartment the 9th of October. I miss work that day for them to fix my air condition and they never show up or at least get a called that they couldn't show up. One of the woman in the office i reported what happen she said she was going to let them know and gave me a smirk at was really unprofessional. Since the 10th me and my wife have gone more the 6 times to see what is happening. After that my fridge broke the 13th I went yesterday to reported and said no problem because they were going today to fix everything and she send them a text message. Surprise Surprise nothing nada they never show up again. Today the 15 me and my wife went 3 times first they told my wife that they were going today that was at 12pm, then we went at 3pm they said that they are going don't worry about and the third time i went at 4:30 then outta nowhere the secretary said that they were behind. I have never had problem with management but is unprofessional to lie to us. I lost over $100 of food in my fridge because no one show up to assist us and fix it. I have been paying on time my rent every single month why there no help from us. It's really upsetting and sad how we have been threatened us.

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vanessa.laguardia McKinley Employee

Good Evening Omar, 

I am so sorry you had to experience this. It is not our intention to discount your concerns or overlook your repairs by any means. We truly care and are working diligently to address your concerns. I woul love to connect with you tomorrow morning to give you the latest update on your repairs. I am hopeful we are on the road to a resolution. Please allow us the opportunity to turn your expereicne around as we aim to keep our residents happy. I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow. I hope you have a great evening Omar. 

Best Regards, 


Community Manager

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Hi Vanessa just to give you a heads up. Nobody has shown up for nothing. It's been 5 days since my Fridge broke and nothing with air condition