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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

hey, i haven't received a call about the last time i wrote about it yet , and I haven't seen any reminders on the doors - but my apt smells like I live with an air freshener that has the scent of cigarettes , just spraying like a maniac all over my kitchen , living room , and bathroom. - Which is not what is happening. lol Can there PLEASEEEEEEEEEE be reminders stuck /placed on every residents door- not even their mail, their door , that reminds them they cant smoke inside ? atleast that way its a guarantee they will see it. It just is so annoying that we had to buy an air purifier due to other tenants and that we have to move the air purifier into three different areas constantly because we refuse to buy two more -_- Please send this reminder out atleast. I dont know if it would help but I would like to try. I dont want problems with neighbors, but I do want there to atleast be an attempt to address it .

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also i have called the office about 10x in the past 3 days and I havent been able to have someone pick up . I know sometimes it gets busy , but this also sucks if we cant make it into the office and noone is answering phones or if there is only one person to do so.

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i know we can stop by, but sometimes we are busy too and by the time we're back home , office is closed .

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I am still pleased with all the changes and prior help we have received !! :-) <3 Just concerned this hasnt been addressed so please forgive me if this came off pushy or rude. I think you are all great, would just like help on these things :-)