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Feedback Praise for Bella Cortina

just wanted to say thank you to the new maint man who came on board Abdiel. He came in understood the problem with my master bedroom fan. Even with the electricity process he did by changing the motor and the best thing he explained to me the tenant exactly what he was going to. So kudos to abdiel! i still have one issue though the chain on the fan to turn the light on and off is to short. Can you guys help me with the chain i went to home depot and they were in total awe like they didnt know what i was talking about. Abdiel please help and thanx again!

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DayamiReyes McKinley Employee

Thank you Luanne...... I appreciate your feedback, and yes Kudos for Abdiel!   I will follow up on your pull chain for ceiling fan today.  Please let me know if you need anything else, you can also reach me at

Have a wonderful day!