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KatieMentink's picture
Feedback Question for Bella Casa

Can we please have an updated sealcoating schedule? The paper said yesterday 9/25 but nothing happened. So far nothing today? No new papers and no new announcements here, no emails, nobody seems to know. Also, the paper has all building numbers listed as 3 digit numbers but we are 5537, i don’t even see that on the list. It says 550-562, 564-574, etc. Please clarify, this is very confusing.

marybeth.lopez's picture
marybeth.lopez McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Katie,

Notices have been delivered this afternoon with the updated sealcoat schedule. Section 2 will be completed tomorrow and they will return on Friday, weather permitting, to re-stripe the parking lot. We typically drop the 1st number for the buildings for the notices as they all begin with the same number. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I hope you have a fantastic night.


Mary Beth