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adls212's picture
Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

Earlier this month I requested the number to your corporate office in regards to being able to pay rent online again. I need to be able to pay rent without it affecting my overall commitment to my job and my duties as a single parent. During the time of my sister's murder, I had taken a leave of absence from work and in doing so, I had encountered a few hardships and fell short a couple of times. I had paid rent late a couple of times around then when I was "blocked from making online payments". Since then, I have accumulated numerous late fees, when this can be easily prevented by more consideration on the office's end. The office is only open from 11am - 6pm and I work from 8am - 6pm and we are unable to use the dropbox after hours. I have been living in this McKinley residence for over 5 years and this has become such a complicated process in the last year. I should not have to jump through hurdles to pay my rent without accumulating a late fee. The part that makes no sense whatsoever, is whether I'm late with or without the online option, I STILL am required to pay a late fee. So this basically means, taking that option from me is more of a slap on wrist rather than a solution, because both still have the same results - if you're late, you pay. So is there a valid reason other than to overcomplicate things?'s picture
nicolle.sorquir... McKinley Employee

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today regarding your monthly rent payments. I understand that not being able to pay on the online portal can be challenging due to your work schedule and our business hours not coinciding. I hope that the different payment options provided today help alleviate some of the difficulties with paying rent. I will follow up with you tomorrow to ensure that you were able to successfully make your payment using the certified funds option. I sincerely apologize about all the inconveniences experienced for not being able to pay online. I sent an email to you today with my contact information. Please know that I am always available if you have any further questions regarding payments or your residency.   


Nicolle Sorquira