im tired calling the office

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Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

good afternoon, my wife walk's in to you office a week ago cause we have a leak in A/C (the place where the filter is ) so it's being a week no One come to check on it, sometimes I feel that I have to speak Spanish or to be someone else to come to fix my issue, and that's not the first time that happen to me, and only me cause I know some people they just walk in to your office you respond right the way, last thing was when I have a problem with the stove I have to come to your office for more thane 20 days, I don't go to your office anymore cause you never come when we call, even the carpet I have to pay in my own to clean it, pest control same thing, and now, I have to fixe the A/C in my own, cause this people are not doing there job, you call the office no one answer, you walk in they say we were busy like everyday

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steven.deborba McKinley Employee

Thank you for sharing your concern with us and taking the time to discuss this with me on the phone. I apologize for any misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding your work orders.