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WeAreAriaBeach's picture
Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Hello team Aria, today I took a nice stroll around the complex and ventured on to the dock by the boat ramp. As I was enjoying the beautiful day I walked up on the dock and the first step on to the dock "Crack and boom" I nearly fell into the water and twisting my ankle a bit. No worries "I'm OK". I did walk halfway on the ramp when I realized that there was a board or two that cracked underneath my foot "Whooa another boobie trap. residents, please stay away and OFF that dock it's a hazardous situation. McKinley, this is one step away from a lawsuit if someone gets hurt. By the way, just for precautionary reasons, I will go to my doctor to check on my ankle that is swelling up a bit. No worries, I was able to let a maintenance person know about the situation and all he did was place yellow tape around the area/dock and never did he ask if I was OK. Not so good customer service on his part or not even showing any sympathy/empathy. Is this up to par with the McKinley standards? Your time and assistance would be greatly appreciated to either fix the dock or break it down before a child or elderly person gets seriously hurt.

Candace.Conroy's picture
Candace.Conroy McKinley Employee

Hello Jose,

I just tried to reach you by phone, but you were unavailable. I am so sorry to hear about the incident at the dock yesterday and have a team here today to inspect the area. Please feel free to contact us in the office or you can email me directly to further discuss. My email address is, if email is the best form of communication for you. I look forward to speaking with you further. I hope you have a great weekend, talk soon!

Kind regards,

Candace Conroy