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Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

I cannot enjoy a day off because of this dog barks non stop for hours I dont think I have ever even seen the owner walk the dog. I have been here for three years I've never had this problem or a problem like this in autistic nephew has sensory overload issues last time I watched him he had a melt down and had to leave because of the dog barking. Its insensitive disrespectful and the dog just sounds sad can you please do something about this I do not pay over 1,000 in rent to wake up to someone else's dog that they don't take care of.

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kenneth.ruiz McKinley Employee

Hi Marcos,

I am sorry to hear this is going on for you. I attempted to connect with you regarding this report you made. Please give me a call regarding this I can be reach at 407-843-4663 or by email at I understand the information you have placed online and would love to obtain more in order to move forward. Have a great day! 

At your service,

Ken Ruiz

Customer Care Associate II