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Hello Everyone, We would just like to say Thank you for welcoming us to the community. We moved in Apt 118 a couple of weeks ago and everyone that we have met so far has been very nice & welcoming :). I have to admit I was unsure about this move as my husband and I have always owned our own home & have NEVER lived in a community such as this; we absolutely Love it and really enjoy our neighbors. Thank you so much! I would like to inform you though Chris - I came home the other night to a snake greeting me at my door.... I am so afraid of snakes, Mike scared it off but oh my I was ready to have a heart attack lol!

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Besides the snake story I am so pleased to read your comments. I'm thrilled that you found the community welcoming. I know it makes a huge difference when making such a drastic change to your life. Don't ever hesitate to contact Chris or I if we can do more to enhance the warm and fuzzy feeling you have.