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Josh is going a great job, since day one he has been friendly, responsive and positive. Especially now that there is NO MANAGEMENT ON SITE, I feel that he is really running the property. I hope that he has been given a huge raise for this. Yesterday when there was the electrical emergency he was incredible in coordinating with the city, Duke Energy and El Mar. This efficiency has happened on numerous occasions. I have told him, but also wanted to do a shout out to the powers that could be. Thanks Josh.

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ivana.padron McKinley Employee

Hi Janice -

Thank you so much for taking the time to praise Josh! He really does an amazing job and we appreciate him for all that he does. Although we are not on site, we are always available via phone or email. If you need anything please give us a call at (727)-341-0186 or email me at

Additionally, if you would like to set up an appointment for us to meet, I would love to have the opportunity to set up a time so that we can further disucss your concerns. 

We appreciate your feedback, and ask that you continue sharing your thoughts, concerns and suggestions.

Thank you,





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So sad that he was let go yesterday. Who do we have now? He was literally the face of the property since no one is in the office. Josh was so friendly and offered to help with anything residents asked of him.

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Josh is an awesome worker and Im really disappointed to here he was let go