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Hi! We are residents from FF320 and we want to complain some problem! During this weekend, my roommates and I were suffering from late night electronic drum and rhythm! That was horrible nights! We couldn't sleep until the someone stop their entertainment around 3 am. So, could you help us to inform the other residents who live around FF Units? Please don't play electronic music after 12 at night! We are all graduate students burdened with studying pressure and we really need a good sleep every day. Thank you!

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braxton.mishoe McKinley Employee

Hello, I am sorry to hear that you had a difficult weekend. It is very important to us that our residents are able to enjoy a peaceful environment, especially late at night. I will be contacting you soon so that we can further discuss the issue. 


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Its probably the college students in the middle of your building. They were having a party that night it seemed. I live across from FF and heard as well but figured someone would call gpd if it bothered them. I sleep with earplugs in due to the partying students but I understand that when bass is high through your walls theres not much earplugs can do to drown out drumbeats even if they block out the actual music.