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I obtain residency at windmeadows in March of 2017. The structures here are well-built well maintained and as far as I'm concerned offers me a relatively stress-free living personal abode. Should the warrant stipulate a maintenance requirement it is Responded in an extraordinary expedient manner. Kudos to Kurt, Braxton, Bruce, Ike, Raul and Chris. I could walk these grounds at 2 in the morning as easily as I would at 2 in the afternoon without any apprehension whatsoever. I just wanted to thank all of the above for making my life here a very happy one. Keep up the great work everyone and happy holidays.

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Awesome living at its best!!

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braxton.mishoe McKinley Employee


We really appreciate you taking the time out to give us such positive feedback! It is such a pleasure not only having you here as a resident but also just knowing you in general! We are so happy you are happy here and if there is ever anything we can do for you, we are just a phone call away! 


Thank you again,

Braxton Mishoe