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Feedback Praise for

As always, I received prompt and efficient response to my maintenance requests this weekend. John responded right away to my heater emergency this last weekend, (which I appreciated greatly with our recent cold snap) He advised me how to get it working again and Tom let me know a company serviceperson would come out on Monday to diagnose it further, which he did. It will no doubt be repaired as soon as it can be scheduled. Also, I saw tonight that the pole light nearby was fixed (or a new bulb installed) many thanks for your quick responses and followup that shows your concern and care for our wellbeing here. Many thanks! LMR

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aleah.shrigley McKinley Employee

Good evening Lynn!

As always, I am deeply appreciative of your honest, consistent input and having you reside here at our community! Each time you share your experiences, it gives my team assistance in how to move forward correctly and be able to truly WOW with our customerservice which is our main goal! Thank you for all you do, and have a lovely weekend!