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1. The laundry-room door on building 14 has been the target of the sort of people we don't need in this community for quite some time now. The original handle has been broken off more than once, and recently, the maintenance folks screwed in a regular round doorknob... which has now also been ripped off the door. It never fails that someone in this zoo will show disrespect to someone else's stuff. But that's a community issue. (And, oh, yeah, two dryers aren't working at all.) I don't think these are issues at the other laundry rooms, just this one, since the others seem to be consistently well-kept. Now this next issue is all mine, and really irks me... 2. Last night, someone scraped the side of my new car. Never mind that I'm usually able to park in a way where no one will park close enough to me to ding it, and I generally know the neighbors' cars and am cool with them. Never mind that it's big and bright and hard not to notice. Sure, the bloom comes off the rose with the first ding, but does it have to be because some mongrel who happens to live here decided to deliberately scrape it? Two cars ago, an idiot with a U-Haul truck backed into my car in the same parking lot, and ran off, leaving me with the better part of $1,000 damage. This is sheet-metal damage now, and it's not a cheap or junk car. I think I know who did it, and punk, my eye's on your loud, obnoxious lack of humanity and your clapped-out Chevy. THE OVERARCHING POINT IS THIS: If it's not yours, show some respect. Or go back to High Point, or North Greenwood, or Pasco County, or wherever your trashy butt crawled away from, but leave and go back into the ooze from whence you came. Some of us would rather live in peace and mutual respect, not in constant concern that something stupid is going to happen. Did your parents not teach you anything, or just lay back and drink, smoke and let the welfare checks roll in while you played in traffic?

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Randy.Maggart McKinley Employee

Hello Doug,  I'm so sorry to hear about your car.  My applogies for not being able to contact you today but let's discuss this in person at your earliest convenience.  Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you.  Sincerely, Randy, Community Manager

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I have yet to go to the laundry room and the doors are actually working.. you can enter with no key fob, there's always machine's that don't work and don't get fixed for months on end. Due to the open doors I have found teens hanging out and doing very inappropriate things in them in the evening hours on many occasions..