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Hey guys, just wanted to write a little note on here hoping maybe somebody would say something if they saw something. I happen to live in building 18 . Yesterday around 1 pm or so after a long morning of work i had to ride my bike home in the rain. Unfortunately like most, it is my only means of transportation for now. I happened to come home in between one job to get ready for the next and left my bike out front of my apartment (i know my bad for trusting my fellow tenants to NOT STEAL anothers belongings) it was leaning against my patio for less than an hour. Before some ******* decided to swipe my ride. I understand it seems HILARIOUS. What i dont find funny however is the necessity to now feel paranoid about my belongings and there safety. The bicycle in question is a charcoal grey mountain bike with bright orange shocks, cell phone and bottle holder, and a black BELL lock on it you cant miss it because jack*** doesnt have the key to unlock it. I find it unbelievable that this is even an issue, yet here i am writing this pointless note about a bike thats lost.

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P.s. ill give you 20 bucks cash if you give up some info on where its at

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I'm so sorry your bike was stolen, this is terrible! I saw a bike by the dog park about a week ago, but it was blue and had a blown out rear tire. I had a Amazon package delivered to the people that live directly below me, I know this because of the image Amazom sent me. I left a note on their door and they never brought my package to me. I hope you find your bike. Their are many people here that are scum bags, including the people that live below me that have 2 kids! Best wishes to you and trust no one.