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None of our issues has been addressed or fixed. There are numerous things that needs to be fixed in our apartment and hasn’t been inspected or fixed since June 7th which is when we moved in. We gave the front office a list of problems we’ve found throughout the apartment and only one has been fixed. We still need the maintenance team to: replace the entire A/C unit as promised Paint the walls and the closet doors Fix the electrical problem with the stove, we can’t use the oven Fix the door for the A/C closet Fix the front door of the apartment All of the stove burners needs to be replaced with new ones I feel we have waited long enough for these problems to be fixed and have continuously been ignored. I’m willingly to report this situation to ensure we’re getting what we’re paying for. It’s ridiculous it’s always 80 degrees in our apartment since June 7th. I’m willing to report to any higher authority if we’re continued to be ignored because I’ve read the reviews and see that the maintenance issues is common. ~Turnbury apartments

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maintenance item... toilet internal workings from handle to tank stop broke... non urgent but rapid response requested... thanks's picture

I’ve spoken to Jaclyn regarding the gates and have left 2 messages following up because they still don’t work right. Also Jaclyn was suppose to email me her contact info but she never did.