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WE have a serious health problem here. When I came back to my apartment this afternoon, I could smell a horrific odor coming from the wall nearest to my door. Then all over the wall and the door are maggots. There are also some next to my neighbors door too. It looks and smells like something is dead behind the wall. THere are what looks like a thousand or more maggots all over the walls and ground. I can't go in my front door anymore because they are trying to get into my house... I'm really worried because there is a gap below my door and I am trying to closely monitor it. I did report it to the office and was told mainentance was notified. I hope they come quick. Also, I came in to report that we have a roach epidemic. I know my mom has been reporting the issue a few times but this time, it's costing me too much money. We have deduced it down to it has to be one of our neighbors. It doesn't matter how many time you spray our house, if the neighbors are infested we are too.

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It's been an hour and a half since I first reported to the office about the maggots overflowing into my house. We literally have the door locked and put a towel down to keep them from getting in the house and it's not working. I drove back to the office because no one is answering the phone. (Jasmine said it's not ringing. I believe her.. perhaps the phones down?) She said maintenance would be 5 mins or less. 30 mins later.. nothing. I would really like an update if they are not going to be here when they say they will be... we have killed all the ones we could and are out of spray. Now I'm seeing them coming out of the wall at my neighbors house. This is the most disgusting smell ever. The apartments are really going down hill now.

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Jasmine, this is Dorothy is this near us? we are out of town and will rush back to deal with something like this. It would kill me to come home and find my house unlivable, as would be the case if no one is aware that my unit has been affected. Please call me!