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Please can someone check on the dryer of laundry at building 7. There is 2 dryer not working, this is an inconvenience when there is more persons using it at the same time, also the last washer machine when it gets to the spinning cycle it is doing it right all my clothes were super wet. I had to run it twice on another washer machine. Thank you in advance.

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Randy.Maggart McKinley Employee

Thank you Maybien for this information.  Someone from our team will be calling this in.  Should our residents wish to expedite this process, the number for service is on the machines.  Sincerely, Randy, Community Manager

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I had the same problem with a washer in that location about a month ago. I left a note on the washer to warn people that the washer wasn't working after rewashing that load (and paying twice). Someone else wrote me a nasty note back that I won't repeat, but stated that a magnet needed to be placed on the lid to make it work. How would anyone know to place a special magnet somewhere on the washer lid to make it work, but that magnet is now gone and service is needed. I also don't understand why residents need to call to expedite maintenance services to the machines. Shouldn't they be constantly maintained by this company considering many people use them daily? Just a sad observation, but most of the people that live here don't care about helping keep the property maintained.

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The good news is that the dryer issue has been rectified. The bad news is that there aren't any washers or dryers in the complex right now...

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Djessmer, I agree that it will be nice to have new (or refurbished) washers and dryers. I don't get why this couldn't have been an easier transition and not take 2 months for all of the facilities to be finished, you know, like doing only one facility at at time while the others are still up and running for residents to utilize. Of course, that would've just made sence, but nothing at this community makes sense. Like, why is there only one dumpster for the whole community to use, or if only one dumpster is allowed for this community for whatever reason, why isn't it bigger to accommodate everyone so it doesn't get backed up or break down all the time? I have endless questions without sensible answers.