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Westwood Suites Apartments
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Feedback Question for Westwood Suites

Good day,<br /> we stayed here before for 2 months in 2012 and we liked it, we intend to visit Orlando in August and I wonder what is the minimum stay in your studios ? if it’s ok to rent 1 week only, how much the rent per night/week for this period?<br /> Thank you very much.<br /> Ahmed<br />

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jrdonnici84 McKinley Employee

Thank you so much Ahmed for contacting us. We are so glad that you enjoyed your previous stay here at Westwood Suites. We are so happy that you would like to return and stay with us. We only offer 7-12 month leases now, so a one week stay unfortunately would not be a possibility. We would love to have you here for a longer term lease if that would suite your needs. Our next door neighbors Westgate Leisure Resort do offer short term leasing options. If you would like give them a call at 407-355-1341, and see if they can accomodate your short term needs. Thank you again for your interest in Westwood Suites! From all of us at Westwood, we hope you have a great day!