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Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

While I did pay my rent online this month I do not like having to do this. This payment method takes away all of the personal contact that is desireable. Not to mention that there is a charge to pay online. I find paying online to be a burden rather than a convenience. As long as you make it necessary to pay online I will do so because I apparently must do so. However I will do it under protest.

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mkittendorf McKinley Employee

Good Morning Mr. Snow,

Thank you for letting us know of your experience with; we welcome your feedback. We take your concerns, as we do every resident’s, into careful consideration when making any decisions that will impact the way you use and enjoy your home.

As you noted, and you and I have discussed, there is a fee to use a credit or debit card to make your rental payments, and these transactions must take place on line or by phone through NWP. This convenience fee is $8.95, and only serves to offset the added expense of credit cards vs. other forms of payment. We try to offer an abundance of options for our residents, so that each may find the format that is most convenient.
For instance, we have online ACH or auto-draft options that have no fee; paying by check, cashier’s check or money order is also free of additional charge; these can be delivered to the office in person, or in the drop box after hours – again, whichever is most convenient to the resident.

I appreciate that you miss the personal interaction when you complete this task on the computer. We love seeing you in the office and look forward to continuing to have you stop by frequently, whether it is to drop off a check, pick up mail, or just for a cup of coffee and to say hello.

Thank you again for letting us know your thoughts on the payment process. I hope we can find a method that meets your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.


Marlene Kittendorf
Community Manager
Westwood Suites