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Feedback Question for Westbury Park Townhomes

We live in a community with small kids. I have observed them playing in the parking lot which scares me. I would highly suggest McKinely putting some items in the Westbury Townhomes community that would alleviate any injuries possibliy death to those kids. Nothing large, but something that will occupy their time while outside playing, it is nothing for them to do other than ride bikes on sidewalk and sometimes in the grass. You allow families to move in with small children, I think you should provide some sort of play area for them. Other residents would agree, however I do not have small children, but other residents with small children has brought it to my attention, and I have discussed it with the maintenance supervisor. No response as of yet. Please consider this request immediately, it just may save a child's life.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

Great idea!!! Actually Brad and I discussed this last week. We are looking into putting in a playset. We are checking to make sure we get one that is up to the local codes and the children at our community will LOVE!! I will keep you posted. Thanks for all the great feedback Patricia. We are so glad you are at Westbury!

Have a great day!


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You are making me blush lady!! Now just stop it :)