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Feedback Question for Westbury Park Townhomes

I have only lived in Westbury for one month. After having talks with long term residents it is obvious that McKinley has never shown appreciation to the residents. I am asking that McKinley consider providing a residents appreciation day. This will help eliminate some of the frustrations that residents has endured. By doing that, it shows the residents that we are appreciated. We pay monthly rent and we should be provided with some sort of apprecation having to deal with not only every day life experience, but also living in areas that sometimes brings on frustration.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

Another great idea Patricia!! We are hoping to have a cookout for the residents of Westbury in a couple of months. We have also talked about a dedication or community day when we put in the playset. In the meantime- we will do something special to remind the residents at Westbury that we care about them.

Thanks for great idea!


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Oh thanks Amy, you are always on the money lady!