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Feedback Problem for Westbury Park Townhomes

When are your going to fix the landscaping at the corner of John and Frank, which is an eyesore? I have been requesting this since you removed the bushes two years ago. There are leftover stumps, no vegetation, and the parking lot is disintegrating. When there is a lot of precipitation (rain, snow), it accumulates on the sidewalk and makes it difficult for pedestrians.

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ahalstead McKinley Employee


Thanks for your feedback. I know we have discussed this before and I have some good news. We have a new landscape company that has just begun working at our three communities. They are wonderful. I have mentioned this area to them and they are looking into some solutions. I wil keep you posted.

We are so glad you live at Westbury and have been with us for such a long time. You really care about our community and I always enjoy our conversations. Your suggestions have been and continue to be very helpful!

Have a great day.


Amy Halstead

Assistant Regional Manager
McKinlely in Champaign