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Feedback Idea for Westbury Park Townhomes

I have observed kids taking out trash on bikes, dropping it along the way. Is it fair to say reporting that to managment would help any? I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my community clean. I cleaned up the trash around the dumpster on yesterday (Monday), I do not live like that it is heart breaking and embrassing to see two large dumpsters and garbage still being placed outside of them. Please somebody provide some sort or resolution to this ongoing problem. Managment can't do it all, so now I am putting this ball back in the residents court. Let's play ball and play fair. Any and all suggestion, stop complaining about the problem and let's do something about the problem and STOP pointing fingers all the time

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ahalstead McKinley Employee

Thanks Patricia!! I picked up trash eraly yesterday morning, too. I even saw a couch!! If you know is throwing the trash outside the dumpster, please let me know. I can asses fines to hopefully prevent the problem. I just need to catch whoever is doing it. Again... I really appreciate you!!